Send an animal with a funny message. It's a unique gift for a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion.
  • Bunny

    Item: Bunny


  • Cow

    Item: Cow


  • Pig

    Item: Pig


  • Horse

    Item: Horse


  • Chicks

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  • Bull

    Item: Bull


  • Duck

    Item: Duck


  • Sheep

    Item: Sheep


  • Fox

    Item: Fox


  • Grizzly Bear

    Item: Grizzly Bear


  • Panda Bear

    Item: Panda Bear


  • Eagle

    Item: Eagle


  • Squirrel

    Item: Squirrel


  • Wolf

    Item: Wolf


  • Owl

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  • Buck

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  • Deer

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  • Elephant

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  • Zebra

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  • Snake

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  • Gorilla

    Item: Gorilla


  • Giraffe

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  • Lion""

    Item: Lion


  • Tiger

    Item: Tiger


  • Camel

    Item: Camel


  • Shark

    Item: Great White Shark


  • Whale

    Item: Killer Whale


  • Octopus

    Item: Octopus


  • Star Fish

    Item: Star Fish


  • Bee

    Item: Bee


  • Cat

    Item: Cat


  • Labrador

    Item: Labrador


  • Frog

    Item: Frog


  • Dinosaur

    Item: Dinosaur



Our Unique Gift Experience

We provide a unique and inexpensive gift experience by delivering a cute animal and custom message. The message is usually a funny animal-related pun intended to make the recipient smile. For example, if you know someone that is not feeling well, send him our killer whale figurine with the message 'Get whale soon'. It is a gift that is sure to make him feel better and will be a great keepsake and reminder of your thoughtful gesture.

When you place an order, the animal you select and the card containing your custom message are nicely packaged in a small box and mailed to the recipient via USPS first class mail. The message on the card is completely up to you and can be personalized to say whatever you like but usually contains a humorous animal-related pun intended to amuse the recipient and bring him or her some joy. Suggestions and sample messages are provided for every animal available. Here are some examples of the unique and thoughtful gifts we can deliver for you.

A cute bunny with the message 'Hoppy Birthday'
An adorable panda bear with the message 'I can BEARly wait to see you again'
An octopus with the message 'I can't wait to put my arms around you'
A beautiful zebra with the message 'May you have have as much luck as a zebra has strips'
A little frog with the message 'You are a TOADly awesome friend. Thanks for your help'
A sheep with the message 'Too baaaad you are getting old. Happy Birthday'
A lion with the message 'I wasn't lion when I said I love you'
A cat with the message 'Don't change. You're puuurfect'
A bumble bee with the message 'I only want to BEE with you'
A bull with the message 'Sorry you feel terr-a-bull. Get well soon'

There are many more. You can click on the 'Sample Messages' link at the top of the page to see suggested messages for all of the animal figurines we sell. There are dozens of adorable animal keepsakes to choose from and one of our funny, thoughtful message suggestions is sure to match the occasion you have in mind or, at least, inspire you to come up with a personal message of your own. Any message can be entered, as long as it is under 200 characters.

All of our animals are highly detailed, hand painted collectible figurines of a high quality. They are great keepsakes that are usually placed on a shelf or desk giving the recipient a memory of your nice gesture for years to come. If you are looking for a unique gift idea at a reasonable price, give us a try. Our gifts bring much joy and will often become a cute keepsake for your girlfriend, boyfriend, family member, or friend. Our prices are very reasonable. Please give us the opportunity to provide a unique gift experience that will make you hero. If you have any questions, feel free to check out our FAQ page.



I sent my girlfriend the panda bear with the message 'I can BEARly wait to see you again'. She really loved it and she now keeps the panda bear on her desk as a memento. It really is a great way to send someone an inexpensive gift. I am going to recommend to my friends.

I sent my wife the cat with a message saying how she is puuuurfect for me. She really liked it. The cat was really nice and the price was cheap. It is also a cute keepsake.

I sent the whale to my friend when he got out of the hospital. The message card said 'Get WHALE soon' and some other stuff. It is a fun gift that really cheered him up.

The bunny I sent was a very cute gift and the message suggestion for it and the other animals are so funny. I plan to order again in the future.

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